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Experience the FAIRPLATZ perfect event technology services.

With nearly two decades of professional expertise, we seamlessly integrate our know-how into events and exhibition projects, handling everything from the initial concept to the final result with an extensive range of services, including rigging, lighting, LED walls and audio technologies.

Our focus is delivering tailored tech solutions whether it's a bespoke production or cost-effective concept, our extensive portfolio includes all kind of projects for various industries delivered with precision and punctuality, a dedicated effort to meet our client expectations whether for a large-scale production, or a minimalistic solution.


Our service is based on few basic pillars: Quality, Continuity and Proximity:


Quality_ FAIRPLATZ works exclusively with first-class personnel and excellent, certified technology, ensuring top exhibition equipment.

Continuity_ Experienced project managers offer top technical consultancy and support from project inception to completion.

Proximity_ With a solid partnership with Great Wall for the GCC Area and a sound network of technical affiliates in Europe, Asia and Africa we are never far away from a project location.



FAIRPLATZ elevates exhibition projects and events with dynamic video solutions, we specialize in creating visually impactful experiences that captivate the audience through multimedia elements.


Our event technology brings ideas to life with top-of-the-line equipment and skilled expertise, ensuring a flawless results for every situation, whether in an exhibition hall, at night in a city square, or even in daylight.

We provide equipment and hardware, with technical support, for compelling projects and engaging video shows:

- 4K resolutions Big Screen Projectors ideal for multiscreen and mapping shows

- LED wall systems and displays for a visually stunning moving scenography

- Curved LED tiles for complex and amazing curved structure

- Professional control devices, playing equipment, and media servers to enhance any event's multimedia experience.

- Modern camera technology and fully equipped vision mixers for reliable image and data transmission




We bring light to events with cutting-edge technical lighting solutions, ensuring a perfect illumination to events or a trade show stand

FAIRPLATZ combines art and technology, providing the technical expertise needed to bring creative ideas to life and add subtle nuances that can create a memorable atmosphere and emphasize content.

We work with the latest generation of Moving Lights, Spotlights, Panel lights, Follow Spots, Zoom Spots, and PAR Lights, a state-of-the-art lighting equipment, all managed by modern professional lighting desks and dimmer systems for seamless control.

Our comprehensive services extend to planning and organizing the entire power supply for your event, complete with a generator set. A perfect light requires a whole load of technology, and Fairplatz is committed to deliver exceptional lighting solutions for your event's success.



FAIRPLATZ provides comprehensive technical rigging services from planning and to execution with the industry highest safety standards throughout the process.


Our dedicated rigging specialists offer expert advice from the planning phase, providing reliable consultancy, structural calculations, and a dedicated on-site installation management.


Quality and safety are every day commitment for us, we use the latest software for complex structures constructing, motor chain hoist controllers for fast and secure installation and loads lifting; our high-quality materials undergo regular, thorough inspections, to ensure flawless conditions, guaranteeing safe work environments and elements’ aesthetic integrity.

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