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“We Will Rise Together” is the Pavilion theme that directly involved over 1.500 Syrians from all over the world with their creation to frame the history and narrate the rising of Syrian Country.


Since the dawn of documented history, the Syrian people have contributed to major achievements of the development of human history.


The Syria Pavilion showcases a rich civilization that has laid the foundation of the the modern world and wants to rise again, claiming back its place.Syria that was home to the first crop, first alphabet, and first music note and poem a true example of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” theme of Expo 2020 Dubai.


Five absolutely scenographic installations take the visitor’s in a journey through the history, culture and art heritage of this millenary land:

“Pioneers of Agriculture” reproduces a wheat field and informs visitors on the Syrian agriculture variety through 352 tiles illustrating the different crops growing on the territory.


“Together” a collective art exhibition of 60 Syrian artists that rethinks and reformulates conception of the individual as Syrian away from narrow biases


“We Will Rise” is composed of 552 tiles created by Syrian citizens from all over the world telling the stories of ordinary people.


“First Music Note” and “First Alphabet” witness the primacy of Syria in the cultural sphere by reproducing the first score ever written and the first characters of the Aramaic alphabet from which all languages descend.



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